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Zhejiang Guangyue environmental protection technology co., LTD was established in 1994 .  We have more than 20 years of plastic molding experience and have earned a great reputation in plastic and molding field. The company has newly developed patented product: RO Plastic Storage Tank, offering from 0.5L to 100L, twenty more different models for customers choosing.

The company has more than 40000 square meters production base and received ISO9001 Quality System Certification. At the beginning of 2010,series of GUANGYUE plastic storage tank has passed U.S.NSF(National Sanitation Foundation) international test and been listed. During these years developing, we have been the most specialized manufacturer of plastic storage tank in China; have the fullest lineup of plastic storage tank in China; have been able to produce 8000000 plastic storage tanks per year.

Our company's goal is always to do our best for customers. We are looking forward to providing high quality product and good service to every customer from all over the world.

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